Orange Corners Incubation Progamme for Young Entrepreneurs in Nigeria 2022/2023

Orange Corners Incubation Progamme for Young Entrepreneurs in Nigeria 2022/2023

Applications are now open for the Orange Corners Incubation Progamme for Young Entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Through Orange Corners they provide young entrepreneurs with a 6-month incubation progamme. At the same time, Orange Corners serves as a bridge between these innovative entrepreneurs and the private sector. 

This offers a great benefit to all partners involved. Orange Corners is an initiative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in collaboration with a local service provider.


  • The programme will be delivered in-person and virtually due to the development of the pandemic.
  • This program will not only provide the foundational entrepreneurial knowledge, tools and resources needed to transform an idea into a business but will also make available the networks and support needed for sustainable growth of the business.
  • There is a variety of benefits the program will offer you of which the most important ones are:

Selection Criteria

  • In order to meet the selection criteria you must be:
    • Be an aspiring entrepreneurs from Lagos, Nigeria
    • Be between 18-35 years old
    • Have a validated innovative business concept, not more than <2 years old
    • The product or service responds to a local challenge in Nigeria
    • The product or service relates to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Budding entrepreneurs will be selected based on the:
    • Innovativeness
    • Feasibility
    • Social Impact
    • Clarity of Market
    • Sustainability & Scalability of the business idea
    • Competence of the entrepreneur/team.
How to Apply

Interested and qualified aspiring entrepreneurs from Lagos, Nigeria, between 18-35 years old should f
Application Deadline: 25 January, 2023

For more information, visit OrangeCorners. application portal.


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