48 miscreants arrested at Oshodi and Environs in Lagos


The Lagos State Taskforce has raided Oshodi, Lagos Abeokuta Road and Ikorodu Road where recalcitrant okada riders have been operating their motorcycles popularly known as Okada.

The raid which was led by the Chairman of the Agency, CSP Shola Jejeloye was carried out at the closing hours on thursday along the stated routes and a total of 37 bikes were impounded from the riders.

“It is disheartening seeing these recracirtant riders operating their bikes commercially, endang#ering the lives of their passengers and the pedestrians on the State Highways despite the ban still in place. We have sent out series of warning through our official channels but it fell on deaf ears of some of them, thus the need to carry our this enforcement exercise”

The ban on commercial operation of okada on restricted routes and all the States Highways is still very much in place therefore no one who is caught still operating will be spared”

“I am sounding this note of warning to every okada operator and their passengers who think they are sacred cows that cannot be touched. It will no longer be business as usual. Any one caught operating commercially along the restricted corridors will face the  court

The Chairman disclosed that compliance of the State laws has to start with good  men and women who have the interest of the State at heart.

He further said that anyone  who is not discipline cannot discipline others.

Other recalcitrant okada operators  have been warned to desist from such acts or face the music.

In a related development, the Lagos State Taskforce carried out an extensive raid of suspected hoodlums along Oshodi Bridge, Mosafejo and Army Arena axis where 48 suspects were apprehended.

The raid which took place in the early hours of friday lasted for over 5 hours in order to ensure a complete mop of areas known for criminal habitation and activities.

The Chairman of the Agency stated that raids along these black spots will be continous in order to stamp out hooliganism and criminality from the State.

“Our feedbacks from members of the public help us streamline our operational activities to areas that affect them."

48 miscreants arrested at Oshodi

48 miscreants arrested at Oshodi and Environs in Lagos

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