Christian Filmmaker, Mike Bamiloye, Slams Actors Over Romantic Roles

Christian Filmmaker, Mike Bamiloye, Slams Actors Over Romantic Roles

Christian filmmaker/actor, Mike Bamiloye, has chastised his colleagues in the movie industry for the romantic roles that they play.

In a post on his Instagram page on Thursday, the veteran claimed that the make-believe romance scenes are breaking down “moral defences” of the actors and weakening their abilities to control their lust.

He said, “Hear me, actirs(sic) and actresses!

“Dear Movie-Maker,You think you are doing great movies? You think you are making money? You think you are getting popular?

“Dear Movie Actor! You have acted in many movies in Nigeria and all your achievement in life has been that. You have kissed several ladies and romanced many girls on film set, the roles you love to play in movies are roles where men have to kiss you and where you have to play love roles.

“My Dear Movie Actor! Honorable Nollywoodian! How many ladies have you kissed on movie sets? Dear Screen Goddess of the Nollywood empire, how many actors have done love scenes with you in movies?

Different mouths have kissed your mouth in the name of being professional!

“You have been directed by lustful directors to romance Ladies on film set before more than twenty people who are behind the camera. It is like playing love with a woman in the market place! And your moral defences are breaking down daily before your very eyes! You can no longer control your lust!

“Eh! You! Mr. Man. You are a married man, and you are kissing many ladies and your wife and children Aae watching you in movies in their homes and you think things will be alright with your wife? And you think your children will be ok in their mind?”

Credit: Instagram | mikebamiloye

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