NSCDC Psychometric Aptitude Test Questions and Answers


NSCDC Psychometric Aptitude Test Questions and Answers

Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) psychometric aptitude test questions and answers are now available for the CDCFIB recruitment online computer-based test (CBT) 2023.

About NSCDC Psychometric Aptitude Test

The NSCDC Psychometric Aptitude Test takes the form of four different sections with questions drawn from Verbal Reasoning (Use of English Language), Quantitative Reasoning (Mathematics), General Knowledge, and Current Affairs.

Psychometric tests are a type of assessment commonly used during the hiring process. They explore the cognitive ability or personality characteristics of potential candidates.

How to Pass NSCDC Aptitude Test

1. Read the instructions carefully

2. Be aware of the time

3. Take rough paper, a calculator (you won't be able to use your phone)

4. Practice a lot, especially how to use the computer. Be familiar with their test format and the questions they ask.

NSCDC Aptitude Test Sample Questions

Which of the following is NOT a paramilitary organization in Nigeria?

A. Nigeria Police Force


B. Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps


C. Nigeria Immigration Service


D. Nigeria Customs Service


E. Nigerian Army


The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps was first introduced by the Nigerian Government as the

A. Lagos Civil Defence

B. Niger Civil Defence

C. Kano Civil Defence

D. North central Civil Defence

E. Eastern Civil Defence


The Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps was first introduced in ____ by the Nigerian Government.

A. May 2003

B. May 2007

C. June 2003

D. May 2007

E. October 1963


The primary function of the NSCDC is to protect lives and properties in conjunction with

A. Nigerian Air Force


B. Civilian Joint Task Force


C. Nigerian Navy


D. Eastern Security Network


E. Nigeria Police Force


The highest ranking officer in Nigeria SCDC is

A. Chief Inspector


B. Chief Superintendent


C. Commandant General


D. Inspector


E. Superintendent


A trader sold an article for N4,600.00 thereby making a profit of 15%. Calculate the cost price of the article

A. N3450.00

B. N3910.00

C. N4000.00

D. N5290.00

E. N6900.00


Express 0.03785 in standard form correct to 3 significant figures.

A. 3 × 10−2

B. 3.78 × 10−2

C. 3.79 × 10−2

D. 3.79 × 10−1

E. 3.78 × 10−2


If t varies inversely as the cube of s, and t = 24, when s = 3, find t when s = 2

A. 8

B. 24

C. 27

D. 81

E. 648


Two fair coins are tossed at the same time. What is the probability of getting a head?

A. 1

B. 3/4

C. 1/2

D. 1/3

E. 1/4

Three sets of rice x, y and z are sold for N15.00, N35.00 and N60.00 respectively per kg. If they are mixed in the ratio of 1: 3 : 2, what is the cast per kg of the mixture?

A. N45.00

B. N42.50

C. N40.00

D. N35.50

E. N25.80


How to Get the NSCDC Aptitude Test Questions and Answers

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