Camel Beaten To Death After 'Chewing' Owner's Head


Camel Beaten To Death After 'Chewing' Owner's Head

A camel was beaten to death after it severed its owner's head in Rajasthan, India.


The owner of the camel, identified as Sohanram Nayak, went to rein in the violent animal, and it attacked him throwing him to the ground according to The Times of India on Wednesday.


The camel picked its owner by the neck and threw him on the ground, severing his head.


This resulted in the villagers and the victim’s family beating the camel with sticks to calm it down with the fear of hurting another person, which lead to the death of the camel.


In the video of the incident which went viral, people armed with sticks tied the camel to a tree before beating it to death.

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