Anglican Priest Found Guilty of Pornography Speaks on Sacrificing Babies to Satan

Anglican Priest Found Guilty of Pornography Speaks on Sacrificing Babies to Satan

A Church of England priest, Vicar David Renshaw, has been found guilty of eight counts of extreme pornography at Lewes Crown Court.

The 63-year-old priest who had more than 22,000 files of indecent images and videos on his hard drive, including animal pornography, has told how he wanted to “sacrifice babies to Satan” and fantasised about drugging boys with crystal meth.  

His activities were traced by police, who found rotten dead animals, used needles, and drug pipes when they raided his parish home. 

A spokesman for the Diocese of Chichester said Renshaw was suspended immediately after police searched his address and he has not been in active ministry since.

The Bishop of Chichester, Dr. Martin Warner, said the diocese cooperated closely with Sussex Police throughout this investigation.

Investigating officer, Detective Sergeant David Rose, said, “Throughout this investigation, Renshaw has sought to blame anyone but himself.

“He has failed to accept or take any responsibility for his actions, which I am certain the local parish he represented would be appalled by.

“The search of his address was one of the most revolting tasks our officers will ever have to endure.

“As well as malnourished living animals, there was also a dead rotting kitten and a dead rotting rat on the floor, in addition to used needles and other drug paraphernalia lying around. It was a deeply unpleasant scene to search.

“It was also a particularly harrowing experience for the officer who had to sift through and grade each image, something that will stay with him for the rest of his life.”

Renshaw will be sentenced in March 2023.

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