The Global Teacher Prize Applications are open until 28th May 2023


The Global Teacher Prize 2023 is open for applications and nominations from 23 March 2023 until 28 May 2023.

The Varkey Foundation is delighted to be organising the 2023 Global Teacher Prize in collaboration with UNESCO and in strategic partnership with Dubai Cares.

The closing date for applications and nominations has been extended to 28 May so please nominate a deserving teacher and encourage them to apply for the US$1million award!

Eligibility & Criteria

Candidates for the Global Teacher Prize will be judged on a rigorous set of criteria to identify an exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession.



The Prize is open to currently working teachers who teach children that are in compulsory schooling, or are between the ages of five and eighteen. Teachers who teach children age 4+ in an Early Years government-recognised curriculum are also eligible, as are teachers who teach on a part-time basis, and teachers of online courses. Teachers must spend at least 10 hours per week teaching children face-to-face, and plan to remain in the teaching profession for the next 5 years. The Prize is open to teachers in every kind of school and, subject to local laws, in every country in the world. 


Applicants for the Global Teacher Prize will be judged on a rigorous set of criteria to identify an extraordinary teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession.

The Academy will look for evidence of a combination of:

1. Employing effective instructional practices that are replicable and scalable to influence the quality of education globally.

2. Employing innovative instructional practices that address the particular challenges of the school, community or country and which have shown sufficient evidence to suggest they could be effective in addressing such challenges in a new way.

3. Achieving demonstrable student learning outcomes in the classroom.

4. Impact in the community beyond the classroom that provide unique and distinguished models of excellence for the teaching profession and others.

5. Helping children become global citizens through providing them with a values-based education that equips them for a world where they will potentially live, work and socialise with people from many different nationalities, cultures and religions.

6. Improving the teaching profession through helping to raise the bar of teaching, sharing best practice, and helping colleagues overcome any challenges they face in their school.

7. Teacher recognition from governments, national teaching organisations, head-teachers, colleagues, members of the wider community or pupils.

The winner will be chosen by the prominent Global Teacher Prize Academy made up of head-teachers, educational experts, commentators, journalists, public officials, tech entrepreneurs, company directors and scientists from around the world

Method of Application

Interested and qualified teachers should follow the link below to apply.


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