Npower Worknation Culture Fit Test

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Worknation Culture Fit Test

1. What do you think about having close relationships with your coworkers?

Good idea



Great idea

2. What gets you excited about coming to work?

The creative atmosphere

Developing competitive solutions that attract customers

Interactions with my work mentors.

The effectiveness of the well-controlled environment

3. How comfortable are you with being informal with both bosses and colleagues at work?


Very comfortable

Very uncomfortable


4. As a team lead, how do you make decisions?

Decide on what’s best for the team on my own and communicate it with the team members.

Hear what the team thinks and come to a conclusion together

Consider unconventional ideas and be willing to take risks

Consider the details and make the decision as quickly as possible so we can get to work.

5. What is your opinion about taking work home with you?

If my boss says I need to then, I see no other options

I would neve

Only if it’s absolutely necessary

That’s how it should be

6. What word best describes your dream leader?





7. What’s the biggest problem in most offices today?

Not focusing on the customers

The lack of innovation

The absence of team spirit

Ill-defined structures and policies

8. What do you think about things changing rapidly?

I prefer when things are more stable and well structured.

It is okay as long as the team collaborates on creating and implementing the changes.

As long as it puts us ahead of the competition.

It is often necessary

9. What is most important in developing a product?

What the group thinks

The creativity around it

What the boss wants

What best serves the customer

10. What management style motivates you to do your best work?

Goal oriented. Very rational and analytical.

Empowering. Commitment oriented.

Highly relational. Highly participative.

Methodical. Policy and procedure oriented.

11. What do you think about working with a team?

Good idea

I love it

I prefer not to


12. You’re a new recruit and things look fast-paced, what do you do?

Wait for someone to provide guidance.

Confirm what I am supposed to do from the employee handbook

It may be uncomfortable but the results will speak for themselves.

Take initiative and move along

13. The organisation you desire to work at cares most about

The structure.

New Ideas

The customers

The employees

14. The people with most power and influence in the organisation are

Are charismatic and can inspire others. They are good at motivating people to develop their full potential

Are both contributors and team players who are essential. People like working with them.

Are specialists and experts who have the most knowledge about things.

Have the title and position that gives them the right and authority to exercise the authority and influence

15. In what type of work environment can you really give your best and be most productive?

Where there’s emphasis on doing things right

Where the main goal is getting the job done

Where there’s emphasis on development and growing together

Where they think outside the box and take risks (innovate)

16. How comfortable are you with giving a more senior coworker constructive criticism?

My originality and innovative mind makes me comfortable

Uncomfortable. I will not

Pretty comfortable, we’re a team.

Only if it’s necessary for the job’s completion.

17. How is success accomplished in an organisation?

Put a collection of people, build them into a team and have them utilise each other’s resources.

Provide conditions where people within an organisation create value

Set rules that keep everyone in check and under control.

Create an organisation that has the highest level of competence and capitalise on that competence

18. What is your typical approach towards a task?

I want to do things differently.

I will do everything needed to get the job done

I want everything to be ‘just right

I want my senior colleagues to guide me.

19. What’s your most likely response if a coworker in a less senior position provides you with criticism?

I am inspired by their perspective

It doesn’t matter. Anyone can give feedback to bring about improvements.

Have you done your own work?.

Everybody needs to know their place

20. No one wants to take on a task, what do you do?

Weigh how much it affects the team in achieving the key results

Wait for my boss to delegate it to someone

Offer to do take it on

I’ll only take it on if someone else will join me on it


Culture Fit Test Completed

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