How to Open First Bank Nigeria E-Statement With Password


If you selected the e-Statement option during account opening, First Bank will send you an e-Statement of your account once every month, usually on the first day of the month containing your account statement for the previous month. 

For example, on the first day of September the Bank will send you the e-Statement for the previous month, August (containing all transactions from August 1 - August 31). 

What is an e-Statement?

Simply put, an e-Statement is your account statement in electronic form, usually sent and  received via email address. It comes as an attachment (in PDF format)with a short description and instructions on how to open it. See an example below πŸ‘‡

First Bank e-Statement account
As you can see from the example e-Statement shown above, the title of the email message containing the e-Statement is usually in this format : 
E-Statement of < Month> - < Year >for Account no <Account Number XXXXX >

How to Open First Bank e-Statement

To open and view or download the e-Statement, simply follow the instructions contains in the email message as shown both in the image above and in the text below πŸ‘‡

Your eStatement / transaction advice is attached and is ready for viewing (in Adobe Acrobat pdf format). You can save, view and print it at your convenience.
To provide security and confidentiality, a password protection has been built in. When prompted for password, please enter your Account master number. This is a 5 digit number that forms a part of your Account Number.
For Example: Account Number:- 01234 XXXXX i.e. Password:- XXXXX.

Scroll down the email message to locate the attached e-Statement. Once you click on the e-Statement, you will be prompted to enter the password, which is the last five digits of your account as shown in the image below πŸ‘‡

First Bank e-Statement password

❌IMPORTANT: Please don't enter your PIN or ATM 🏧 card number. It will simply not work. 

After you have entered the correct password (the last five digits of your account number), the e-Statement will open for you to view or download it for future reference. 

How to request for e-Statement

If you want to be receiving your account statement every month via email address, kindly visit any nearest branch of First Bank to request for this service. You may also get more details from the bank 🏦 website at 

πŸ“ŒNoted that there is associated charges for this service to your account. 

Apart from e-Statement, you can also request for your account statement via SMS USSD or visit any nearest branch of First Bank to request for a hard copy. 


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