3MTT Questionnaire Test Questions and Answers


3MTT Questionnaire Test Questions and Answers

3MTT Questionnaire Information

You will be required to answer 11 questions in 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Please note that the responses you provide will not be used for assessment, but will help us understand how to design the best learning pathway for you.

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3MTT Questionnaire Test Questions & Questions

Section A

1. What is the square of 8?

A.    16

B.    24

C.     64

D.    72

2. What is the color of grass?

A.    Red

B.    Blue

C.     Green

D.    Yellow

3. What is the name of the Nigerian National Anthem?

A.    "God Save the Queen"

B.    "The Star-Spangled Banner"

C.     "Arise, O Compatriots"

D.    "O Canada"

4. What is the population of Nigeria?

A.    100 million

B.    150 million

C.     180 million

D.    Over 200 million

5. Which number comes next in the series: 1, 3, 5, 7, ?

A.    8

B.    9

C.     10

D.    11

6. Which is the longest river in the world?

A.    Amazon

B.    Nile

C.     Yangtze

D.    Mississippi

7. How many legs does a dog typically have?

A.    2

B.    4

C.     6

D.    8

8. What is the highest mountain in Nigeria?

A.    Mount Patti

B.    Aso Rock

C.     Zuma Rock

D.    Chappal Waddi

Section B

9. What are your typical work hours on weekdays?

A.    9 AM - 5 PM

B.    Part-time (specific hours)

C.     Flexible hours

D.    Limited availability

10. How many hours can you commit to this in a week?

A.    5 hours or less

B.    6-10 hours

C.     11-15 hours

D.    More than 15 hours

11. Would you commit resources, such as internet and transport fare to participate in virtual and physical activities?

A.    Yes

B.    No

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1.     C. 64

2.     C. Green

3.     C. Arise, O Compatriots

4.     D.        Over 200 million

5.     B. 9

6.     B. Nile

7.     B. 4

8.     D. Chappal Waddi

Section B

9.     Depends on your choice

10.                       Depends on your choice

11.                       Depends on your choice

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