FULL VIDEO: N-SIPA Assures Nigerians Of Better Social Intervention Programmes.


Hajiya Halima Shehu, the newly appointed Coordinator National Social Investment Programme Agency, assures Nigerians of her determination to ensure better social intervention programmes for vulnerable people in Nigeria.

She made this assurance during her maiden press conference today in Abuja.

Read the full video transcript below:

"As we all know, the National Social Investment programs have now been running in this country since 2016, but it's yet to completely alleviate poverty out of this country.

"First, because the population of poor and vulnerable is twice higher than the average population of Nigerians who can afford the basic needs, and not up to 30% of the population have been empowered.”

"Poverty, as we all know, endangers crime in any society. The more the people are uplifted out of poverty, the lesser the crime rate in any society. As we all know, the programs have witnessed so many criticisms in the country for lack of transparency, accountability, free and fair selection of beneficiaries, realistic database, and publicity amongst others. “

“We hope to do better in this aspect, especially now that the programs are governed by an act, which is a legal framework that clearly states the functions of the agency and the chief executive officer and the stakeholders.”

"Again, I'll say I'm certain that Mr. President has recognized our leadership qualities and that's why he has assigned us such a huge task. “

"Therefore, we have to be focused, committed, dedicated, and passionate in carrying out this sensitive assignment of poverty alleviation, which is one of the biggest promise in his Renewed Hope Mandate.”

"But this cannot be achieved without a great team and collaboration from all stakeholders, both home and abroad, which includes national and international development partners amongst others.

“My working experience in this ministry in the last four years has availed me the opportunity to interface with the needy across the country, and I have personally witnessed life-changing situations on these programs. We have taken a lot of risks in carrying out these humanitarian services.”

“Sometimes we need to get on a boat or a helicopter to deliver these programs to the beneficiaries. Honorable Minister Ma, with our agency under your supervision, I know that all areas of operational lapses will be looked into for better life transforming interventions on poverty-stricken conditions of the poor Nigerians across the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory."

"I have confidence that with full support by your ministry, N-SIPA will make the Renewed Hope Mantra of President Bola Ahmed Tinibu's administration a practical reality among vulnerable Nigerians”.

"I know that leading such a significant agency requires resilience, empathy, and deep understanding of the challenges faced by the population in the country. I am committed to this course, and I have no doubt you are called the agency of 100% support."

Watch the video below:

Hajiya Halima Shehu
Source: NAN

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