Arteta cleared of charges by the FA for his post-match comments after Arsenal's defeat to Newcastle


Arteta cleared of charged by the FA for his post-match comments after Arsenal's defeat to Newcastle. by the FA for his post-match comments after Arsenal's defeat to Newcastle

Mikel Arteta has been cleared by an independent Regulatory Commission after he was charged by the FA for his post-match comments after Arsenal's defeat to Newcastle.


The Arsenal manager was charged with FA rule E3.1 after he criticised the decision to allow Anthony Gordon's winning goal for Newcastle on November 4 in an interview with Sky Sports.


"It's a disgrace," Arteta told Sky Sports. "It's embarrassing. That's how I feel and that's how everybody feels in that [dressing] room. You cannot imagine the amount of messages we've got saying this cannot continue. It's embarrassing. I'm sorry, embarrassing."


"I feel sick. That's how I feel. I feel sick to be part of this. It is not good enough and we cannot accept that."


The FA alleged Arteta's comments constituted misconduct in that they were insulting towards match officials and/or detrimental to the game and/or brought the game into disrepute. However, the independent Regulatory Commission found that the charge was not proven.


The goal had three key talking points - whether Newcastle's Joe Willock had taken the ball out of play in the build-up to the goal, whether Joelinton fouled Gabriel in assisting the goal, and whether Gordon was offside before scoring.


The FA's written reasons for Arteta avoiding a charge said he only had two issues with the goal - the foul on Gabriel and whether the ball went out of play.


Arteta did not mean to insult with his use of the word 'disgrace' as the Spanish word 'desgracia' has a different meaning to the English word


Arteta has made "considerable efforts" to improve VAR with the PGMOL and other stakeholders, as the technology is "below necessary standards"


Arteta attended a "wholly unproductive" meeting with the PGMOL on November 2 - two days before the Newcastle game


In his evidence, Arteta revealed that Willock, who used to play under Arteta, told the Arsenal players that the ball had indeed gone out of play


The FA charged Arteta for using improper language despite using the same 'highlighted words' as other managers who had not been charged


Sky Sports News understands the FA will not appeal against the decision of the independent Regulatory Commission that cleared Arteta of the misconduct charge he faced.


Either side has the right to appeal against a commission decision, but any appeal has to be lodged within a certain time frame of the decision, and that deadline has now passed.


The FA wrote to Arteta through Arsenal to express its "concern" with his post-match comments at St James' Park in three separate interviews.


In one of the examples, Arteta said: "It's embarrassing what happens and how this goal stands, in the Premier League, in what we say is the best league in the world.


"We really have to think about that deeply. Because I have been 20 years in this country and now I feel ashamed. It's an absolute disgrace. You look at it on the TV and it's an absolute disgrace."


In his response, the Arsenal manager explained that part of his interview had been lost in translation because the English "disgrace" has a different meaning to the Spanish 'desgracia'.


He wrote: "[The word disgrace] has a very similar spelling and pronunciation to the Spanish 'desgracia' … the Spanish word has connotations of misfortune, tragedy or bad luck rather than the connotations of the English equivalent which suggest contempt, dishonour or disrespect.


"While the English meaning may lead to interpretations of abuse or insult, this was not the intended meaning of the comments."


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