Sample database schema for an online merchandise store


Sample database schema for an online merchandise store

Designing a database schema for an online merchandise store involves identifying the entities (such as products, customers, orders, etc.) and their relationships. 

Below is a simplified example of a database schema for an online merch store:

1.     Products Table:

·         product_id (Primary Key)

·         product_name

·         description

·         price

·         stock_quantity

·         category_id (Foreign Key referencing Categories Table)


2.     Categories Table:

·         category_id (Primary Key)

·         category_name


3.     Customers Table:

·         customer_id (Primary Key)

·         first_name

·         last_name

·         email

·         address

·         phone


4.     Orders Table:

·         order_id (Primary Key)

·         customer_id (Foreign Key referencing Customers Table)

·         order_date

·         total_amount


5.     Order_Items Table:

·         order_item_id (Primary Key)

·         order_id (Foreign Key referencing Orders Table)

·         product_id (Foreign Key referencing Products Table)

·         quantity

·         subtotal


This schema represents a basic structure. Here's a brief explanation of each table:

  • Products Table: Contains information about each product, including its name, description, price, stock quantity, and the category to which it belongs.
  • Categories Table: Defines various categories that products can belong to. Each category has a unique ID and a name.
  • Customers Table: Stores information about customers, such as their name, email, address, and phone number. Each customer is identified by a unique customer ID.
  • Orders Table: Records information about each order, including the customer who placed the order, the order date, and the total amount of the order.
  • Order_Items Table: Represents the individual items within each order. It includes the order item ID, the corresponding order ID, the product ID, the quantity of the product in the order, and the subtotal for that item.

This schema supports basic functionality for an online merchandise store. Depending on the specific requirements of your application, you may need to expand or modify this schema. 

Consider additional features such as user authentication, reviews, promotions, and shipping information, and modify the schema accordingly.

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