Urgent Recruitment in Widows And Orphans Empowerment Organization (WEWE) – Deputy Executive Director




The Incorporated Trustees of Widows and Orphans Empowerment Organization [hereinafter referred to as “Widows and Orphans Empowerment Organization (WEWE)”] a local not-for-profit, faith-based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in line with its succession plan and leadership transition planning, is seeking applications from qualified external and internal candidates to fill in the positions of Deputy Executive Director (Deputy ED) of WEWE in Abuja.

Position: Deputy Executive Director (Deputy ED)

Location: The successful candidate will be based in Abuja

Kindly Note: This position does not permit remote working


Key Duties & Responsibilities

A. Leadership and Governance:

  • S/he will ensure that WEWE’s vision and mission are widely known by all staff at all levels and updated as required and also make reference to it in their daily work.
  • S/he will ensure the organization is on track with WEWE’s five (5) year’s strategic plan with explicit links to the vision and mission which will guide the types of programs that are being implemented.
  • S/he will ensure that WEWE’s legal registration with relevant state ministries is regularly updated inclusive of filing of annual returns and relating regularly with relevant ministries.
  • S/he will ensure that WEWE’s legal registration is updated, aware of tax status, and also fully compliant with tax obligations and annual filings with FIRS.
  • S/he will supervise the updates of the succession plan which will guide leadership transition or coping with extreme events.
  • S/he will supervise all mid-management and junior staff, and facilitate the development of their job descriptions, annual objective setting, and performance evaluation.
  • S/he will ensure that the department and teams meet their deliverables promptly and with high quality.
  • S/he will ensure that WEWE is compliant with all the donors’ policies.


B. Program Management:

  • Supervise all program activities
  • Supervise and manage data quality improvement processes and outcomes with the M&E team.
  • Review and improve technical strategies with the Program team
  • Ensure that the work plan is adhered to and implemented with measurable success.
  • Develop monthly and quarterly work plans.
  • Submit technical and administrative reports.
  • Facilitates program training

C. Structures and Systems:

  • S/he will ensure that WEWE’s policies and procedures which cover all relevant operational areas are reviewed and updated as the need arises and are always adhered to.
  • S/he will ensure that there is a formal process of consultation or formal structure for the delegation of important decisions that involve staff and WEWE beneficiaries and also make an effort to include beneficiaries in some of the decision-making.
  • S/he will ensure that there is enough office space for WEWE operations and provide basic work tools and equipment for staff.
  • S/he will ensure that the Information Technology team has internal and external capacity for information management and regularly back up staff data in hard and electronic systems.

D. Organizational Management:

  • S/he will ensure that the strategic plan is fully implemented.
  • S/he will ensure that management meets, discusses, and reflects on strategic issues, proceedings are documented and decisions taken are fully implemented.
  • S/he will ensure teamwork among the staff.
  • S/he will ensure that key results of projects and non-project related have been defined and written with the active participation of all staff, required resources and support needed are provided, and also assist to ensure that management and staff meet at the end of the year to review performance, document the experience and build consensus on improvement actions.
  • S/he will ensure that the organization has established an effective communication system such as emails, memos, minutes, SMS, and Whatsapp messages to communicate with staff and ensure that the system is reviewed periodically.

E. Resource Mobilization:

  • S/he will assist in resource mobilization strategies, develop the plan, and engage and supervise the resource mobilization team.
  • S/he will update and manage WEWE’s Resource mobilization policy, strategy, and Annual Organization Planning (AOP).
  • S/he will assist in ensuring that the organization has dedicated staff, volunteers, interns, or consultants that assist with resource mobilization and it’s included in their job description and are appropriately skilled and have carried out resource mobilization activities.
  • S/he will assist in ensuring that WEWE is following the written policy, plan, and strategy to raise resources that can sustain the organizational basic operations in the future.
  • S/he will assist in ensuring that WEWE has knowledge of strategies and takes action to raise funds that will be enough to sustain the organization in the long term.
  • S/he will assist in ensuring that WEWE receives funding from different sources including international donors, the private sector, individuals, philanthropists, and foundations and through fundraising, and reviews its efforts periodically leading to improvement actions.

F. Project Performance Management:

  • S/he will ensure that adequate administrative and technical support is provided to the state offices and review plans and progress reports, programmatic and technical reports, and meeting reports.
  • S/he will ensure that standards are developed for service delivery or other functions (i.e., policy advocacy, monitoring/ oversight) and staff are aware of these standards and are appropriately trained to apply them.
  • S/he ensures that the organization has performance expectations and drafts a system that assesses performance against standards and addresses any identified gaps and weaknesses.

G. Gender Equality and Social Inclusion:

  • S/he will ensure that there are written policies, procedures, and systems for addressing Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI), child protection, safeguarding, organizational culture, and gender issues are addressed.
  • S/he will ensure that WEWE has good tools and expertise for systematically assessing GESI issues, Child Protection and Safeguarding, and diversity as applicable and consistently gives staff sufficient training on GESI issues and tools.

H. Monitoring Evaluation, Research, and Learning (MERL):

S/he will assist in supervising all activities of monitoring evaluation, research, and learning (MERL) in the organization.

I. External Relation:

  • S/he will assist in ensuring that WEWE’s partners are broad-based, spreading across public, private, CSOs, sectors, and community, developing strategic approaches to partnership and a well-defined system, open communication, creating opportunities for feedback, there should also be joint performance review and improvement actions meetings and also create a platform for the Senior Management Team involved for formal and informal consultations.
  • S/he will assist in ensuring that there is a strategy for stakeholder engagement either as a standalone or integrated into organizational policy and ensure the full implementation and also create a platform for interaction, and feedback to improve relationships.
  • S/he will assist in ensuring that WEWE has a well-managed two-way communication strategy, platforms, and channels to engage with the external environment to gain visibility and a positive image of the organization and also ensure that feedback is received and acted upon as necessary and steps are taken periodically to improve communication with the external environment.
  • S/he will assist in ensuring that the organization has an articulated updated media strategy either as a standalone or integrated into general organizational policy/ operational procedures that are fully in operation with progress documented and also a functional platform for continuous interaction, exchange of ideas, and feedback.

J. Financial Management:

  • S/he will assist in providing oversight to the financial management system and ensure that they are in line with the organization’s policies and procedures and donor rules and regulations.
  • S/he will assist in ensuring organizational and project budget development and undertake regular analysis of project expenditures.
  • Assist in reviewing and monitoring program budgets versus actual expenditures every quarter, based on donor regulations, policies and procedures, and the award terms and conditions.
  • Assist in ensuring that the processes to conduct annual statutory audits are done.

K. Procurement:

  • S/he will assist in overseeing all the activities of procurement in the organization.

L. Safeguarding:

  • S/he will update and manage the WEWE’s Safeguarding policy
  • S/he will ensure that safe spaces within the organization are created and recognized
  • S/he will ensure that everyone within the organization is treated with dignity and respect
  • S/he will ensure that the organization’s culture embeds values that prevent harm, exploitation, and abuse
  • S/he will ensure that senior staff practice, model and advocate for shared values that help prevent abuses of power and safeguard violations
  • Build the skills of staff and volunteers through training on solving the issues of inequalities and power imbalance
  • Ensure that the organization’s position on promoting diversity, equality, and non-discrimination is clearly articulated

Qualification, Skills and Experience:

  • Master’s in Public Health, Social Work, Community Development Studies, or any Social Science/related field.
  • Minimum of Ten (10) years of experience in community development work preferably in the field of OVC.
  • Program and leadership management experience.
  • Knowledge of quality improvement approaches is strongly desired.
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills and experience working with other implementing partners.
  • Good analytical skills.
  • Familiarity with USAID regulations is desired.


Method of Application:

Interested and qualified internal applicants should send their comprehensive curriculum vitae and cover letter in ONLY one attachment (MS Word document) explaining their suitability for the job to [email protected] on or before Thursday, February 29, 2024.

Kindly Note: WEWE reserves the right to conclude this recruitment process when a suitable individual is selected. While WEWE thanks all for showing interest, only shortlisted individuals will be contacted.

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