I never imagined myself in polygamous setting – Olori Tobi Philips


I never imagined myself in polygamous setting – Olori Tobi Philips

''Somebody just called me one day and said would you like to get married to the Ooni of Ife? I was like, what's that?''.

Olori Tobi, the third and youngest wife of the Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Ogunwusi (Ọjájá II), has given more insights into the nature of her relationship with the traditional ruler.

Shedding more light on how she got married to the Ooni, she said that against what people think, they dated and broke up once before reuniting again.

The 2012 World Miss University Africa (WMUA) winner was a guest on ‘Your View’, a breakfast programme on Television Continental, on Friday.

During her interview, she recalled an individual introducing her to the Ooni.

“Somebody just called me one day and said would you like to get married to the Ooni of Ife? I was like, what’s that? And then he introduced us.”

Unique love story

On getting back together, Olori said that wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t love him.

She said, “Of course. I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t love him. I always promised myself that I would marry who I love. So it’s not like I didn’t have suitors, but there are some values I would want in who I want to be with. And he has that. That’s why I’m here.”

“I didn’t take it seriously because I was like, ok, so what is going on? But then we met and started dating, but there was so much interference, and then we didn’t get married. That was quite devastating for me,” she said.

Speaking further, Olori Tobi, a fashion designer and mixed media artist, shed more light on the qualities she looks for in a man, which she said are non-negotiable.

“I wouldn’t be with somebody who isn’t kind because of my kind of person. I’m susceptible. So if you don’t meet specific criteria, I will not be with you.

“Also, I’m a tall person, and I like to wear heels, so I don’t see myself being with someone who isn’t tall,” she added.

Handling polygamy

Speaking to the programme hosts, Olori Tobi, who runs the QTP luxury fashion brand, talked about polygamy and how she’s adapting.

She said that against the initial media reports, her parents were not against polygamy and her marriage to the Ooni of Ife.

“If you find that person that fits specific criteria that are not negotiable for you, then you go with it. Ordinarily, I never imagined that I would find myself in a polygamous setting, but I always had some non-negotiable.

“My mum was a bit worried at first. But also, she was like, we’ve been through quite a rollercoaster in our relationship. But my parents never objected,” she said.

She also noted that she understands that there are other Oloris, and the Ooni will not have time for her daily.

In addition, she said that she is not clingy and is also in the process of scaling up her business, so she has her hands full.

Olori Tobi, the most socially inclined of the six Oloris, further revealed that she gets on with the other Queens nicely.

“I chose to put Ma when I address them. Ordinarily, I don’t disrespect people because I wasn’t brought up that way. I’ve met some of them, and we get on nicely,” she said.

Weeks back, Olori Tobi, a graduate of Marine Science from the University of Lagos, recounted how she prayed her marriage into existence after a man told her she was not the type of woman who gets married.

According to the Queen, at that point, she promised God that she would share her testimony with the public by singing and dancing every Sunday on social media for as many Sundays if He granted her a miracle.


Olori Tobi Phillips was the third of the six queens the Ooni married quickly.

The monarch married her on the 9th of October.

He married her weeks after he took a second wife, Olori Elizabeth Opeoluwa Akinmuda and his first wife, Olori Mariam Anako.


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