Osun is Indebted to the Tune of N407.32 Billion - Governor Adeleke

I am pleased to welcome our royal majesties and fathers to this all important event. I called this meeting first to meet our royal fathers and to present to you the official debt profile of Osun state as at November 30th, 2022 as submitted to me by the Accountant General of Osun State.

With high sense of responsibility, I am reporting to our people through our traditional rulers, the total debt profile inherited by my administration from Governor Oyetola's administration.

The repayment period ranges from 16 months to about 28 years, as follows: 

1. Budget Support Facility: 

• Outstanding Balance: N51.8 Billion 

• Monthly repayment: N154.9m 

• Repayable Period Outstanding: 

335 months = 27 years 9 months 

2. Salary Bail Out Loan:

• Outstanding Balance: N38.8 Billion 

• Monthly Repayment: N232.77m 

• Repayable Period Outstanding: 

•167 Months = 13 years 9months 

3. Restructured Commercial Bank Loans: 

• Outstanding Balance: N158.77 Billion 

• Monthly Repayment: N1.14 Billion

• Repayable Period Outstanding: 

139 Months = 11years 6 months. 

4. Excess Crude Account (ECA) Loan: 

• Outstanding Balance: N14.48 Billion 

• Monthly Repayment: N89.97m 

• Repayable Period Outstanding: 

161 Months = 13 years 4 months

Osun is Indebted to the Tune of N407.32 Billion - Governor Adeleke

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