Check Voter Status Using Name, Date of Birth and VIN

Check Voter Status Using Name and Date of Birth. Check Voter Status Using  VIN. INEC Voter Verification Service. Check Voter polling unit Using Name and Date of Birth. Check Voter Polling Unit Using  VIN. Voter Verification Portal

Next Election: Presidential and National Assembly 25th February 2023. You need to present your Temporary Voter’s Card to the INEC Officials in order to collect your PVC.


Verify your name on the distribution list during the distribution of PVC or at your INEC LGA Office afterwards. If your name is on the register, you will be required to fill an attestation form to enable you collect your PVC.


Welcome to the Voter Verification Service

You can check your voter status by entering your details in the form on this page.





INEC Continuous Voters Registration Portal

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