Dad In Court For Shaking Baby To Death


Dad In Court For Shaking Baby To Death

A court in the United Kingdom has heard how a father, Oliver Mailey, killed his seven-week-old baby by violently shaking him to death.

Daily Mail on Friday reports that the Preston Crown Court heard how the suspect shook his baby with force similar to a car crash or a plunge from a tall building.

It was reported that Mailey originally claimed he found seven-week-old Abel-Jax Mailey limp and lifeless in his cot at home in Burnley, Lancashire, before admitting he had shaken the infant and pleading guilty to manslaughter. 

A post-mortem found that Abel-Jax suffered a catalogue of traumatic injuries, including catastrophic brain damage and severe bleeding and tearing injuries in his eyes.

It was reported that Mailey was in sole charge of the baby on November 28, 2021, when the incident happened.


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