Npower C1 Beneficiaries, Worknation Program Is Optional

 ATTENTION: Npower C1 Beneficiaries, Worknation Program Optional

Npower C1 Beneficiaries, Worknation Program Optional

To set the record straight, it is pertinent to reiterate the non mandatory participation of WORKNATION program by concern Beneficiaries, which is subject to personal choice. This should be noted

Meanwhile, if you're interested in the program but having difficulty accessing the test, please kindly try much later at night.

All interested NPower C1 Beneficiaries should take the test through their NASIMS self service portal where most of your NPower information will automatically be extracted to enable you take the test.

Do not access the Worknation site directly via their site address as your personal information might be missing.

About Worknation

WORKNATION a unique demand-driven and proactive approach to bridging Africa's talent gap and meeting global workplace needs. Working with strategic organisations and partners that are aligned with our mission, the program matches talents with national, regional and global opportunities by:

Preparing talents to meet specific industry needs in line with global shifts in the nature of work and skill set demands.

Customizing training curriculum to equip, up-skill and re-skill talents as best fits for global brands and the digital economy workforce.

Prequalifying talents for industry-specific training and selection for internship or employment.

Blending the skills, attitude, experience and passion of talents to meet the expectations of the future of work.

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