Login and Dashboard


Click to log into your NASIMS account dashboard. The official website of the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) is

Simple Steps to Log into your NASIMS account dashboard

  • Visit NASIMS portal via
  • Enter your email address/application ID
  • Enter your password
  • Click “Proceed”. Your will see a pop up message like this: Login successful..redirecting to your dashboard. Kindly wait until you’re taken to your dashboard.

Inside Your NASIMS Account Dashboard

Once you successfully log into your NASIMS account dashboard, you will notice that there are about 8 tabs at the top of the dashboard area.

The number of tabs displaying on your dashboard depends on your stage of application or batch for the NASIMS NSIP programmes Login and Dashboard

These tabs include:

Overview: This tab houses information such as your Personal Details, Residential Details, Educational Background, Identification, Bank Details, Disabilities, and Other Documents.

Screening: Open this tab to take Npower test or view your result. All Npower batch C applicants are expected to go through a CBT exercise, which becomes a selection criterion to becoming a beneficiary.

Verification: Click this tab to enroll your biometrics information. Click on "Capture Finger Print" below the page to begin. Under this tab, you can also see your Physical Verification Venues, and Physical Verification Status.

Deployment: Within this tab, you will find your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA). This tab disappears after you have successfully completion of the N-Power programme.

Payroll: The Payroll tab displays all your payment status – date of payment, amount paid and bank account paid to. You can also check whether your stipend is pending, processing or paid.

FAQs: This contains all NASIMS Npower Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Work Nation: This tab becomes visible after you have successfully completion of the N-Power programme. Click the link below to check your eligibility for the WorkNation programme

View Test Result: Click this tab to view your Npower test result (score).

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