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Congratulation on successful completion of the N-Power programme, click the link below to check your eligibility for the Work Nation programme.

You will be taken to the Work Nation registration portal at

Once you navigate the Work Nation registration portal, you will be asked to confirm your personal information. Kindly go through your data to confirm its validity before you proceed.

To all Batch C1 Beneficiaries,

Training/Learning activities for both graduate and non-graduate programs through the learning management system in Work Nation will commence soon.


In preparation for the learning program, you are expected to participate in the learning segmentation exercise. This will enable us to identify your interest and provide you with relevant materials for your training. registration/Work Nation Official Website Portal

Ensure you update the following information:

  • BIO Data (already pre-filled; cannot be updated)
  • Address (already pre-filled; cannot be updated)
  • Education/Employment Data
  • Means of Identification
  • Upload Documents (Maximum of 2mb size per document type):

    Document Name

    File Format

    Valid ID (international passport, driver's license, NIMC ID)


    Passport Photograph (Not older than 3 months)

    Jpeg, PNG

    Other Relevant Documents

    PDF, Jpeg, PNG

Once you are sure that every information is updated, and that you have successfully uploaded the required documents, then go ahead to click “SUBMIT”.

Upon successful submission, you will be redirected to the Work Nation Prequalification page at to the Work Nation Tests. Your success in the test pre-qualifies you for the WorkNation programme.

These are the Work Nation Prequalification tests you will be required to complete. Kindly click on “TAKE TEST” below to view the questions and answers before taking the tests.

All interested Npower C1 Beneficiaries should take the test through their NASIMS self service portal where most of your Npower information will automatically be extracted to enable you take the test. Do not access the WORKNATION site directly via their site address as your personal information might be missing.

Work Nation Prequalification Tests

Project Management


Management Analysis


Customer Care




Data Analysis


Software Development


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