How to treat hormonal imbalance in ladies


How to treat hormonal imbalance in ladies

Have you been having heavy or irregular periods, including missed periods?

-A stopped period or even a frequent period

- Are you experiencing hirsutism?

-Excessive hair on the face

-Itching on other parts of the body

-Are you experiencing acne on the face,chest or upper back?

-Hair loss

-Darkening of the skin especially along neck or underneath the breasts

-skin tags

-vaginal dryness

-vaginal atrophy

-pain during s*x

-night sweats


-Breast discharge

These are the symptoms of hormonal irregularities and they can be cured herbally with the following items: 




🍍Lemon grass


🍍Bamboo root


Boil your lemon grass with the bamboo root for  45mins allow it to cool down while you blend your ginger, tumeric, garlic and lemon then add it to you boiled lemon grass and bamboo.


Drink a full cup of this in an empty stomach for 2 months and say bye bye to homornal imbalance. 


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