The main functions of The Electoral Institute (TEI)


The main functions of The Electoral Institute (TEI)

The Director General of the Electoral Institute, Dr. Sa'ad Idris speaking on the functions, Mission and Vision & Core values of the Electoral of the Institute @ the ongoing Induction Retreat for Resident Electoral Commissioners ahead of the #NigeriaDecides2023 election in Lagos State.

The main functions of The Electoral Institute (TEI) as contained in the Implementation Guidelines and Strategies for the Restructuring of the Institute 2012, are to conduct all research and training for electoral activities of the Commission.

✓ The Institute comprises both Research and Training Departments and a Unit known as International Liaison and Outreach (ILO) under the Office of the Director General.

✓ The Electoral Institute shall have power to enter into MoU with similar bodies and development partners with a view to advancing or furthering its mandate subject to the approval of the board. 

✓ The institute would be free to engage resource persons and consultants as it may deem necessary and in the execution of its core functions of research and training. 

✓ The institute shall always promote best research and training practices and would be free to sponsor its staff periodically on overseas and local training as it deems fit. 

✓ The institute shall organize roundtable discussions, seminars, occasional publications, monographs, guest lecture series and cause them to be published regularly to strengthen democratic practice.


✓ Professionalism: TEI shall display competence, efficiency and effectiveness with good attitude

✓ Excellence: TEI shall be committed to the promotion of merit and professionalism as basis for all its actions.

✓ Dedication: TEI shall be committed to providing quality training and research guided by the best international practice and standards.

✓ Integrity: TEI shall maintain truthfulness and honesty in all its dealings.

✓ Team Spirit: TEI shall create a conducive environment that will promote team spirit among its staff at all levels.

✓ Transparency and Accountability: TEI shall display openness in all its activities and be accountable to all stakeholders.

The values can be easily remembered by the acronym PEDITT

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