APC Colluding with Segilola, Mining Companies to Deprive Osun of Billions of Naira- Osun PDP


APC Colluding with Segilola, Mining Companies to Deprive Osun of Billions of Naira- Osun PDP

Osun State Chapter of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) has accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) of colluding with those depriving Osun state of legitimate returns from her huge mineral deposits, blasting the party for protecting Segilola and other mining companies over the cheating and pillaging of Osun resources.

Accusing APC of holding brief for the mining companies to protect exposure of its complicity in mining banditry, the PDP expressed shock that the state APC could come out to defend mining companies who are perpetrating large scale fleecing of Osun resources, destroying our environment and corrupting the political process.

"We are not surprised as there are credible reports on how the mining companies regularly settle top officials of the APC and its government. When the People's Governor now exposes the nest of corruption, the state APC cannot even disguise to manifest its complicity. Osun people have taken judicious note of APC condoning and facilitating the fleecing of Osun natural resources.

"The Executive Governor has transparently addressed the state. He has nothing to hide. Only those hands in glove with Segilola has something to fear and that probably explains why the APC came out so shamelessly to defend those mining companies. 

"The 13 percent derivation payment was openly announced by the Federal Government in 2019 and whatever names anybody called it, Osun deserves billions of returns from her God given natural resources. Even APC in advancing her hatchet job, confessed that 13 percent derivation was to be paid to solid mineral states from royalties by mining companies. 

"Osun also demands immediate action on the cleaning up of her environment. Our mining field, the entire Osun East, is an environmental disaster zone. Is APC saying mining companies should continue environmental degradation without paying for cleaning up? Is APC happy that Osun People are reeling under sicknesses and dying due to the activities of Segilola and other companies.

"We note that the APC should be ashamed of its bareface approach at sidestepping the core issues of revenue loss to the state as evidenced in the revelation of Governor Adeleke," the statement noted, maintaining the Governor Adeleke administration resolve to address obvious shortchanging done to the state in the past. 

"It is disappointing that the APC failed to appreciate the enormity of the damage it had wrecked on the state. Perhaps, it is still lost in its fraudulent style of governance that it could not realize the determination of the new administration to ensure sanity and probity in the management of public resources," it added.

"For one, Governor Adeleke interest as firmly affirmed in the expository, was that Osun people should enjoy the benefit of their God-given natural resources. If this is not something the APC is used to, we at least expect them to pretend, and not confirm the suspicion of the public in the deliberate shortchanging of Osun people in the benefits of the mineral assets on their land.

"To help the APC out of its confusion, it is important to draw its attention to the admission in its statement of the fact that Osun State is entitled to a 13 percent derivation from every gold extracted from the State. That was exactly what Governor Adeleke said in his speech and at no where did he lay claim to royalty payment as erroneously assumed by the APC."

"Let the APC know that Governor Adeleke is in possession of every documents that relates to mining activities in the State and they all pointed to the fact that Osun State has not been getting due derivations for mineral resources in its jurisdiction. In that case, Governor Adeleke is obligated to demand what belongs to the State, which was the basis for his address. We therefore wonder the basis of the APC response, and not the mining companies who are in a better position to explain its operation, what it has done and why the State has not been getting what should go to it. 

"The clear inference we can draw from the hurried APC response is the likelihood of collusion with the mining companies to cheat Osun people. If that is the case, the Governor Adeleke administration will not spare any effort in pursuing this issue to a logical conclusion and as Governor Adeleke vowed in his address, recover every penny of Osun State that may have been unduly deprived it."

Signed:Akindele Adekunle,

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