Facebook Page Subscription Monetization


Facebook Page Subscription Monetization

Facebook Page Subscription Monetization eligibility criteria and guidelines: Follow the simple step-by-step guidelines below to start earning money on your Facebook Page using Facebook Page Subscription Monetization.

Facebook Page Monetization Criteria

To be eligible for Facebook Page Subscription Monetization, your Facebook Page must meet the following criteria.

1. Audience: Meet one of the criteria below:

  • A minimum of 10 followers
  • A minimum of 250 weekly returning viewers


2. Engagement: Meet one of the criteria below:

  • A minimum of 50k post engagements
  • A minimum of 180k minutes viewed


Further Explanation About the Criteria

Page Followers:

The number of followers indicates the number of people who may see your Page's updates and posts in their Feed. When people like your Page, they also automatically "follow" you, which allows them to see your posts in Feed.

People who like the Page can also choose to unfollow the Page and not see its posts in their Feed, but still continue to demonstrate their support.

Returning viewers:

A returning viewer is someone who viewed at least 1 minute of one of your videos in the previous week and returned to view at least 1 minute of one of your videos the following week.

Post engagements:

Post engagements are the total number of actions that people take involving your posts on Facebook.

Post engagement breakdown metrics:

  • Post shares
  • Post reactions
  • Post saves
  • Post comment
  • Page likes
  • Post interactions
  • 3-second video plays
  • Photo views
  • Link clicks

Minutes viewed:

The total number of minutes your videos were played including time spent replaying the videos, within the selected date range.


How to Apply for Facebook Page Subscription Monetization

Once your Facebook meets the criteria as outlined above, you are on your way to earning huge money on Facebook. This is what you should do next.

1. Visit your Facebook Page Professional Dashboard

2. Go to the Monetization tab below the Tools Section

2. Click on Subscription

4. Follow the on-screen instruction to submit your Facebook Page to review and approval

5. Wait for notification/message from Facebook


Set Up Your Facebook Page for Success

A. Help people find your Page: Add a phone number, link your Page to your website, update your location (address), and add business hours.

B. Connect with your audience: Invite friends to link your Page, list your contact preferences, add an action button, and write a welcome post.

C. Establish your presence: Add a profile photo, add a cover photo, and add your Page bio (description)


Congratulations! If you have any further questions, kindly type in your comments in the comment section below.

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