GoHealth organizes a 1-day workshop for Gombe Line Management, others

GoHealth organizes a 1-day workshop for Gombe Line Management, others

Following His Excellency's efforts to boost health sector by providing easy access to qualitative and affordable health care services to Gombe State citizens, the Sole Administrator of Gombe Line, Usman M. Kamara invited GOHEALTH to come up with an idea on how to provide health insuarance coverage (In case of accident and emergency) to travelers and commuters particularly those using Gombe Line as their means of Tranportation. 

In furtherance to this, the Executive Secretary, GoHealth, Dr. Abubakar Musa led a team to Gombe Line where indept discussions were held on workable partnerships that the can benefit commuters.

To actualize the project, GoHealth organized a 1-day workshop and invited  Gombe Line Management alongside other transport organizations to discuss further, come out with modalities for implementation and consider a draft copy of guidelines that will kick start the programme. The workshop was held at Chartwell Hotel Bauchi on 32rd Dec. 2022

The outcome of the workshop was fruitfull and implementation of the programme is expected anytime soon, after  the signing of Memorandum of Understanding between GoHealth and Gombe line. 

In his remark, Dr. Charles Aninweze who is the GoHealth consultant said "If this is achieved, Gombe State will be the first to implement such kind of project in Nigeria which is a huge achievement" 

In attendance was The Executive Secretary GoHealth, Dr. Abubakar Musa and his team and the following participants from Gombe Line and other organisations. 

- The Overseing Director, Gombe Line, Suleiman Umar Abdullahi

- The Manager Information System, Gombe Line, Ukasha Hussaini

- The Safety Manager, Gombe Line

- The Asst. Revenue Officer, Gombe Line

- The Chairman, Gombe State Mass Transit (LV)

- The Secretary, NURTW 

- The Chairman, RETAN and others

📝 Ukasha Hussain

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