Consultant - Conflict Analysis, Northwest Nigeria


The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is currently recruiting for the position Consultant - Conflict Analysis, Northwest Nigeria. 

Job Title: Consultant - Conflict Analysis, Northwest Nigeria

Sector: Compliance

Employment Category: Consultant

Employment Type: Part-Time

Open to Expatriates: No

Location: Nigeria

Overall Goal of the consultancy

The main goal of the consultancy is to gain a better understanding of the conflict context and dynamics in Northwest Nigeria and provide evidence that can shape IRCs understanding of the conflict dynamics in Zamfara, Katsina and Sokoto states as well as position IRC to be able to develop proposals and programming that is conflict sensitive based on the principle of ‘Do No Harm’.

In addition to that the conflict analysis will identify and support in rolling out the required capacity necessary for designing, delivering effective conflict sensitive. programmes in the targeted states and communities, to maximize its positive impact on the current conflict.

Aim of the consultancy

The main aim of the consultancy is to dig into the root causes and comprehensive understanding of the persistent ongoing conflict environment and context in the NW.

·        To identify the key stakeholders involved in the conflict, their interests, and the extent of their influence.

·        To identify dividers and connectors for each type of conflict

·        Assess the impact of the conflict on the population especially the farmers, herders, men, women, youths, boys, girls and marginalized communities etc.

·        To identify existing conflict resolution mechanisms, including traditional and formal justice systems, and their effectiveness

·        Provide evidence-based data and information that will inform future programming’s/interventions in NW (Zamfara, Sokoto and Katsina)

·        Provide recommendations on conflict sensitive programming (i.e. how to best mitigate dividers and build on connectors) and the gaps that exist in the 3 states.

·        Provide recommendations on how to effectively promote peacebuilding and conflict transformation in Northwest Nigeria, based on the findings of the conflict analysis.

·        Provide recommendations to IRC and its partners on future programming/ intervention to ensure that the program design and implementation is well informed by the conflict context and dynamics and addresses the root causes of the conflicts and the associated needs (both immediate and long terms)

The analysis should also examine current IRC’s and partners program activities, how they are being done and its impact on the conflict communities in the 3 states.

At the end of the assignments organized a workshop for the IRC northwest and management team to develop a concrete workplan, concretizing on how to implement the recommendations from the Conflict Analysis report for improved conflict sensitivity in each of our current programs and in future programs.

The consultancy work will be focused on an in-depth examination of the conflict, its characteristics, causes dynamics and key players the potential impact on IRC’s and its partners programmes on the conflict, and its target groups and potential opportunities for program designs and improved targeting of IRCs current and future programs. 

This will also include organization capacity assessment and the training needs analysis for design and delivery of a conflict-sensitive programming. The analysis will be carried out in the 3 states in NW Nigeria, Zamfara, Katsina and Sokoto.


IRC Deputy Director for Programs will be responsible for the overall management of the assignment, with the MEAL Coordinator being responsible for the coordination and providing day to day support to the consultancy process and working closely with the consultant. The IRC Senior Technical Advisor for Governance and systems strengthening will provide technical oversight and guidance over the tools and methodology being used for the consultancy and the final report.


The consultant will carry out the analysis according to the ToR and will include necessary conflict sensitivity tools and exercises to meet study objectives. some of these tools and areas of enquiry include, but are not limited to, the following: (a) secondary literature review/desk research, (b) Key informant interviews, and (C) focus group discussions, (D) observations (e) Data analysis etc. A detailed methodology, including the design of data-collection tools and formulation of specific questions will be developed by the consultant.


Output & Deliverables:

 The consultant will be expected to produce the followings:

Inception report containing a detailed conflict analysis methodology with accompanying workplan and tools to achieve all the objectives that provides an overall conflict analysis its characteristics, causes, dynamics and consequences for women, men, youths, girls, and boys.

Training workshop for data collectors

A synthesized report with a focused analysis on the following areas:

i)                   the conflict environment and its interaction with humanitarian and development Programs ii) Gaps in conflict sensitive programing

ii)                highlight of opportunities for improving conflict sensitive programming.

Presentation of analysis results and recommendations to IRC SMT, technical Coordinators and NW program team (provide the power point)

Conduct sensitization on conflict and context analysis, and the importance of the principle of Do No Harm in program design and implementation.

Develop a workplan for the implementation of the Conflict Analysis report.

Payment Rate and Schedule:

The payment rate will be based on competitive offer and value for money. Meanwhile the payment schedules will be based on deliverables in the contract, set time period or schedule and invoice submission:

·        40% down payment upon signing contract.

·        30% once draft report is produced.

·        30% once the report is finalized.



The consultancy is open to individual or team of national and international expert consultants, with specialist knowledge and research expert in conflict analysis and peace building.

The consultants should have the following qualification, skills and experience:


·        Minimum undergraduate university degree in conflict studies, Peace building, law, social sciences, or development studies.

·        A relevant 5 years of significant background and experience in conflict sensitivity analysis and ethical qualitative research and analysis on conflict issues, causes or approaches to conflict transformation (essential).

·        Proven consultant with strong and evident background in conflict analysis and resolutions, peacebuilding, adaptation, and resilience programming.

·        experience in conducting context and conflict analysis and development of tools for the integration of Conflict Sensitivity related dynamics into the strategic and operational framework.

·        Conflict sensitivity expertise in complex humanitarian contexts, preferably in sub-Saharan Africa

·        Knowledge on the history of conflict dynamics in NW will be an advantage.

·        Fluent in English, written and oral as well as proficiency in local language from NW Nigeria is an advantage.

·        Excellent writing skills and ability to articulate the linkage between findings, analysis, and program recommendations.

·        Flexible attitude towards receiving feedback.


Apply on-line via the email - [email protected]

Applicants should attach:

Technical proposal including full schedule and methodology of proposed study, all costs necessary to complete the assignment, and distinguishing (at a minimum) between:

-          Consultant number of days and daily professional fee rates

-          Travel costs – if applicable

-          Field work costs – if applicable


CV of the consultant.

Past performance references for similar assignments – providing tools, toolbox, technical guidance, manuals for trainings etc.

Sample of consultant final reports sample of an evaluation report you worked on.


Method of Application

Interested and qualified applicants should follow the link below to submit CV and application letter.

LocationZamfara, Sokoto and Katsina, Nigeria

Application Deadline: Not Specified


IRC Careers

Please note: Be aware of firms saying they represent IRC as they may be impersonating IRC. The IRC does not charge fees and will not ask for money or banking information to apply for positions.

IRC does not ask for official personal information, such as driver’s license, passport or national ID number/U.S. Social Security number during the interview process. This sort of information would only be needed later during the offer or background check stage.

If you receive communication from anyone claiming to work on the IRC’s behalf this could be a scam or fraudulent and should be questioned or ignored.

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