Don’t Touch My Phone – Antitheft Protect Alarm Free App Download

Don’t Touch My Phone – Antitheft Protect Alarm app

Protect your phone with this anti touch alarm app

The latest Don’t Touch My Phone – Antitheft Protect Alarm app with advanced phone touch features and design to secure your mobile from the thief. This antitheft – find my phone app is basically has an auto phone alarm which you can easily set it from the options. When anyone tries to touch your mobile the alarm raises and you quickly know that where your phone.

This don't touch my phone app work as mobile privacy protection to find device in gadget finder. All custom settings of this antitheft – find my phone app make it popular among all age group users with this phone finder. An easy device finder to protect your phone. Clap to find and whistle to find phone anywhere.

Features of Don’t Touch My Phone – Antitheft Protect Alarm App:

Anti-touch alarm with volume control in phone finder
Anti-pick pocket to save your phone from a stranger
The device finder to find my phone
Charger removal alarm option to keep you informed
Customized user’s passcode setting to stop phone touch alarm
Clap to find my phone feature
Easy find mobile with clap finder
Whistle phone finder with intensity catching
Fingerprint authentication to suddenly stop your alarm
Simple Gadget finder to find the phone

This antitheft app sense the motion and notify you when someone will try to touch or disconnect the charger of your mobile phone without your permission. This phone finder app is the most reliable mobile safety system and enhanced with customized Alarm settings to protect your device.


This find device is usually for those people who have many private data and costly documents on their phones. When anyone trying to touch the phone the default police siren alarm blow and they easily know what the matter with their phone is. You can set the phone touch sensitivity as required motion alarm intensity.


In this device finder when anyone touched the phone the anti-touch alarm starts ringing from your phone and you can catch the thief on the spot and protect your phone as well. This Anti Touch Phone Alarm Protection app acts as your mobile protector or security in this new time of life. Snip or whistle find feature is also a good phone finder point. The clap to find my phone feature will help you to track phone without touch or pick up. Whistle to find phone will work when you whistle and your phone will rang up the alarm with antitheft alarm feature. Whistle and Clap to find and protect your phone with antitheft in this find my phone app.


While you are sleeping you can set do not touch my phone anti-touch alarm and find device. If in the morning the mobile is not on its place you can whistle find or clap to find the mobile. The phone will constantly be ringing after the assistive touch till when you put your set code in this don’t touch my phone app. Antitheft alarm like police siren made this phone touch app popular among all other android apps. This Antitouch Phone Alarm Protection will act as your phone guardian to keep your data and device safe from the theft.


Total customized Setting of this antitouch phone app will protect your phone privacy and mobile phone also to steal by anyone. Whistle to find phone helps you to protect your mobile from bad guys. Most important thing is that your phone sensors should be able to sense the phone movement, clap to find, whistle sensing ability with this antitheft app.

How to Download/Install

  1. Visit Google Play Store
  2. Search for Don’t Touch My Phone – Antitheft Protect Alarm app
  3. Click on Install to download and install the app on your Android phone

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