Lagos grooms young people through mentorship programme



The Lagos State Head of Service, Mr. Hakeem Muri-Okunola has revealed that the Lagos State Government is positioning the youths as equal partners in decision-making and governance. 

Speaking at the Y2022 Lagos SDGs Week's Surprise Mentorship Programme held at Ikeja, Muri-Okunola confirmed that it has become significant for the present administration to create space for the younger generation to contribute to governance given how knowledgeable, equipped, and prepared they are to address the fast-moving issues of today. 

He stated the development of youth leadership is critical to building civic capacity and long-term community sustainability, noting that as youth become stakeholders and change agents in communities and organisations, they bring perspectives, knowledge and relationships that lead to better decisions and more productive action. 

Acknowledging that youth is central to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu's vision of Greater Lagos, the Head of Service maintained that the Lagos State Civil Service has always been providing the necessary enabling platform for young minds to learn the skills of active citizenship such as understanding how decisions are made, how to organise, plan and communicate. 

In his words, “My years in service have accorded me the privilege of working among young people and I have seen enough passion and commitment in their undertakings. I believe there is much to gain from these passionate, hopeful, creative and visionary youths across the State”. 

Muri-Okunola maintained that the Civil and Public Service has evolved in recent years through reforms and policies to support youth leadership towards maximising their limitless potential. 

He described the mentorship programme as another promising pathway to boost youth faculty, enhance their social position and personal well-being, and promote positive influence in society. 

While encouraging the young ones to take hold of their own destinies in order to provide the country with a better tomorrow, Muri-Okunola admonished them to dedicate their productive years to support the growth and development of the State. 

In his remark, the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Sustainable Development Goals, Mr. Lekan Fatodu explained that the present administration is enabling structures where youths can seamlessly work together to make decisions and take action to strengthen governance and societal institutions.   

He said, "The purpose of the mentorship programme is to create a model of youth empowerment through direct interaction with inspiring personalities whose experience can shape positive perspectives as well as developing confident, independent, passion-driven and motivated youths that can add value to the Greater Lagos vision". 

"Our civil society is strengthened when youth become informed and thoughtful citizens. Young people with skills, knowledge, commitment, and experience can reflect upon the common good, become full members of their communities, and take development action", he stated. 

Fatodu noted that the programme gave the participants the privilege to choose the area of endeavours where they would love to be mentored ranging from public speaking, branding and advertising, entertainment and creativity, technology and innovation, and business and entrepreneurship as well as politics and governance. 

Top personalities that shaped the perspectives and minds of the youths during the six weeks event include Mr. Kunle Afolayan of KAP Film and Academy; Mrs. Morayo Brown of the award-winning Television Programme ‘Your View’, Mr. Charles O’tudor of ADSTRAT Brand Management Consultants. 

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