LAMATA Warns Against Crossing Rail Tracks From 2023


LAMATA Warns Against Crossing Rail Tracks From 2023

The Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority has warned residents of Lagos State to desist from crossing the rail tracks as they will be powered by electricity. 

This was revealed in a video issued on the matter by the government. 

Part of the video read   "Unlike the train system, driven with diesel engine which most Nigerians are conversant with. The Blue line will be powered by electricity, thus crossing the track will no longer be an option. 

"The blue line will use the power known as the third rail electrification system. The third rail works by directly attaching a current carrying conductor to the rail tracks, which means the entire length of the track will be electrified. That means the train will be propelled by the electricity passing through the road tracks which is about 750 volts; an amount of power three times more than electricity been utilised for domestic use. 

"Crossing the track when the rail track is in operation early 2023 will mean instant death. We appeal that you make use of the pedestrian bridges which have been provided to cross the ten-lane Lagos-Badagry Expressway. The pedestrian bridge has the ability to take commuters into the train station, the bus station as well as to cross the expressway. Please, avoid going close to the tracks, your safety is important to us.”

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